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Autumn - The season of letting go - Strengthening our Metal element

Updated: Apr 14

I found this wonderful link from the 'College of Integrated Chinese Medicine'. There are some great tips on how to support ourselves during this time in the season.

'Autumn is the season connected to the Metal element in Chinese medicine and the themes of letting go, detox, grief, sadness, reflection, poignancy and higher connection.

It is a season of decrease, and we are moving into a quieter, cooler, more inward yin energy.'

Some seasonal tips to make the most of this energy & align with it for our wellbeing:

+ wear a scarf - keep your neck covered + keep feet & ankles warm with slippers & socks + declutter your home & your mind + do more breathwork / meditation / qigong + let go of what no longer serves you + seek out quality, watch out for perfectionism + eat warm cooked food, more protein & fat + journal, write, reflect, cry - process emotion

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