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What to expect?

During our first meeting we'll have an intitial consultation, which will take approximately 20-30 mins. This can be done in person, over the phone or by video chat. I'll take a full medical and health history to check it's safe for you to have a treatment, if there are any contrinidications. Treatment may need to be postponed and medical consent required before a session. 

At the beginning of each session, I will run over how you are feeling and identify the focus area for your session. This may be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Please allow 10-15 minute for your initial consulation plus session time. 

What to wear?

It’s very important to me that you feel safe and comfortable so please do discuss any concerns with me. For massage you will need to undress to your underwear and will be covered by a soft throw or towel throughout the session, with only the area being massaged being uncovered then re-covered as the treatment proceeds.

For reflexology loose comfortable trousers that can easily be turned up to the knee are perfect.

Shamanic healing come as you feel comfortable, you'll be fully clothed and covered with a light throw or uncovered while laying on the treatment couch. Loose comfotable clothing is ideal.  

Combination treatments can be any of the above depeding on your desired outcome. 

How do I find you and when are you available?

I work from a treatment room at home in Bradford on avon. Contact me for details. The house is on the Bath side of Bradford on avon making it easy to reach from Bath and Bristol. 

There is free parking available on our driveway. I'm also a 15 minute walk from the Bradford on avon train station or a short walk, 5 minutes from D1 bus stop. My main clinical day is currently on a Wednesday between 11am-8pm. However, I have flexibility from home. Please feel you can contact me at, if an alternative date or time is more suitable. I will do my best to accommodate wherever possible. 

How much is an appointment & How do I pay? 

First appointment 90 minutes, includes 30 minute consultation - £65

Follow up appointments 

60 minute appointment - £60

90 minute appointment - £85

You can pay by BACS or I can send you a link before or after your appointment. I also accept cash. Please bring the correct amount, if paying by cash, thank you. 

*Concession treatments aviailable at a reduce rate for anyone struggling to access healing due to financial hardship. Please feel free to contact me to discuss options.  

Conditions that may not be suitable to receive a treatment

Total Contraindication – if you have any of the below conditions please do not book a treatment:​

  • COVID-19 symptoms – if you have any of the symptoms listed here, you MUST cancel your session and follow NHS advice  

  • High temperature

  • Contagious illness such as cough, cold, flu, sickness, upset stomach, no matter how mild the symptoms

  • Recent operations or acute injuries

  • Contagious skin conditions

  • Intoxication – under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • High blood pressure (unless on medication and under the care of a GP)

  • History of thrombosis or other circulatory conditions (this will be checked with you to ensure its managed and the treatment won’t aggravate your condition)

Local Contraindication – you can receive treatment but not over the following areas affected by:

  • Varicose veins

  • Undiagnosed lumps or bumps

  • Bruising

  • Cuts & abrasions

  • Sunburn

  • Inflammation, including arthritis

Please note: Holistic, Shamanic & Energy Healing do not provide a substitute for diagnoses or treatments of allied healthcare professionals, doctors or psychotherapists. 


Where possible, it is helpful for you to have some quiet time after your session and ensure you drink plenty of water. With some conditions, people will experience responses as their body processes the treatment. This could be increased sensation in the area of discomfort as muscle and tissues adapt or increased urination if the circulation of the lymphatic system has been supported. Sometimes people can feel exhausted after a treatment as the nervous system and stress responses adjust. This should ease within 24 hours but do feel free to get in contact with me to discuss how you are feeling and I may make further suggestions to support you.

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