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Client Feedback

I have experienced a deeply relaxing and energising massage! Elly has blended together her deep knowledge of several methods with her intuition to reach exactly the points in my body that needed to be worked on. She combined the massage and reflexology with sound healing, which made me go deeper into my nourishment and relaxation. Highly recommended!


I went to see Elly for a neck strain initially. As a daily cyclist in Bristol looking over the right shoulder had become pretty much continuously painful! Combined with a peak in stressful issues at work and approaching a career change the ‘me time’ with Elly over 5 or 6 treatments was most rejuvenating. Other people have commented on Elly’s intuition and I would echo this. I felt re-balanced after each treatment & combined with other efforts felt better each week. Elly is clearly an experienced professional in her field and I would recommend her whole heartedly.
Amazing results!


I've seen Elly for a variety of treatments and each one has left me feeling nurtured and revitalised. She has an incredible intuition and is able to blend techniques in a way that I truly think is unique to her. There is a flow and a confidence in her movements that promotes instant relaxation. I can even feel her energy starting to flow before the massage starts. I always know I'm going to experience something special when I see her.


A treatment with Elly truly is a mind-body-spirit experience. Within moments I am relaxed and always come away with not only eased muscles but feeling more grounded and connected to my body than before.
Elly really does tailor her massage to what I need and with so much experience to draw on, it is different each time and always effective.
She’s a very special therapist who makes me feel nurtured and cared for.


Elly is a warm and caring person, she created a safe and trusted connection. It was so physically and mentally relaxing that I was able to let go of long held tension in my body (especially my head) and Elly replaced this with a peaceful feeling for me through her touch. I recommend Elly as a lovely person and an experienced holistic therapist whole-heartedly.


Elly is such a lovely person and I immediately felt relaxed and in safe hands with her. I felt like she really listened to what I needed and how I was feeling to give me the best treatment. I feel she really draws on all her skills and techniques to tailor a massage to you. Very nice and unique experience.


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