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Advanced Massage for Chronic pain

Massage for the treatment of chronic pain 

Massage Therapy

Advanced clinical massage is a holistic approach to massage therapy that combines the best of Eastern and Western techniques to treat a wide range of conditions. It is a more focused and targeted type of massage that uses a variety of techniques to address specific muscle and joint problems, as well as pain and inflammation.

Having trained as an advanced clinical massage practitioner using the JING method. I have been taught some excellent approaches using advanced bodywork techniques to support clients.

The Jing Method is a fusion of advanced techniques including trigger point, fascial work, acupressure, stretching and tailored self- care that aims to reduce chronic pain in 1-6 weekly sessions.

After our initial consultation, I can guide you on what is best depending on your desired outcome. Chronic pain work requires more time, commitment and interaction in sessions. It's a 1-6 model with sessions every 1-2 weeks.  

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