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Essential oil in focus - Cypress - healing for Grief

Updated: Apr 14

In the 'essential oil in focus' blog posts. I'll focus on one aspect of an essential oil for healing support connected to the season. There are so many supportive elements to every oil, it can be overwhelming reading all the benefits in one go. My aim is to create a series of healing support posts, which give a little more detail and support connected to the seasons and what may be arising emotionally or spiritually. Including how you can use the essential oil at home for support. It'll also include links at the end to other healing resources, which may be helpful.

Gabriel Mojay from his wonderful book 'Aromatherapy healing for the spirit', states Cypress oil is supportive for transition ~ transformation ~ renewal

"Through the process of "taking things in and letting go" -of the ability to accept and relinquish -cypress reinforces the bodily soul (P'o) the vital spirit of the lungs. Dissolving remorse and instilling optimism, cypress oil helps us with the flux and flow of life. From here we can contemplate the tree's long and deep relationship to death and the grieving process and why it was thought to be of comfort to those in bereavement." p.67

During this season in 'five element theory' the metal element connects to grief. This is a time when grief can rise. Grief is an inevitable part of life and can be incredibly overwhelming & painful. There is no time line on grief and it can be a time old grief rises. Be gentle and kind to yourself in the process.

Essential oil blend to support with grief including cypress

suggested blend

(no. of drops per 20 ml of carrier)

Cypress (4), Frankincense (1), Rose (1)

This would be a good blend for the bath or massage oil with a carrier oil

Oshadi- an excellent essential oil supplier has an excellent page on -

Grief often arises in the therapy room. I will always meet you with compassion & empathy. It is a unique and individual process. I'm so sorry for your loss, if grief is arising for you at this time, you have my deepest sympathy. Remember, it's ok not to be ok, it's not always possible to 'stay strong' give yourself permission to let go into your grief. This process can often support moving through this phase and bring back flow in your life.

Reach out for support with healing where needed. There is never a right or wrong way as we are all unique. Holistic healing is tailored to you for what may be arising. Other supportive therapy may include psychotherapy and counselling to help support the processing of what is present for you at this point in time.

Other essential oils to support grief include:

rose, frankincense, bergamot, melissa, neroli, chamomile, lavender, vetiver, jasmine

Further support:

5 Things About Grief No One Really Tells you - video from Psych2Go

Cruse is a great charity for support when grief is connected to a loss of a person in our life

Cruse bereavement support

Profile on Cypress

Cypress is an evergreen conifer

Other benefits include:

Safety Data

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