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Tailored holistic bodywork sessions. Working with combined hands on techniques to support your desired outcome. This is a great choice for chronic pain or to support self care. Sessions are tailored to your individual requirements using a blend of holistic healing. I may work with acupressure, facial/head massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, myofascial release or targeted holistic massage using advanced techniques. We'll discuss and design a treatment based on your preferences and desired outcome. I'll guide you on what may be best, as some chronic conditions require regular support. Combination work can be really powerful, yet gentle and allows support for the physical, metal and emotional aspects of our being.

Energy Healing


Tailored to your individual requirements. I create a safe and comfortable space for you to heal.

Healing bodywork may include;


Myofascial release

Essential oils



Face & scalp massage

Healing Holistic massage or bodywork

Trigger pointing



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