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Bodywork & Healing

Shamanic healing sounds with reflexology or healing bodywork. This may include working with acupressure points, healing energy centres of the body, essential oils or holistic massage tecniques. Each treatment is tailored to your indvidual needs. The ancient healing sounds are connected to the mind, body and spirit. Starting with healing bodywork and ending with healing voice. A combined healing using hands on bodywork tecniques followed by vocal massage for restoring energetic aspects of the self.


At the start of your session we'll have a consulation to check in on your desired outcomes. Some sessions may require a more bodywork focused approach others energetic healing. We'll create a treatment plan to suit you individual needs and requirements. I'll guide you on what will work best. It's important to me you feel comfortable, please do discuss any concerns with me.   

Energy Healing
Reiki Healing


Tailored to your individual requirements. I create a safe and comfortable space for you to heal.

Healing bodywork may include;

Myofascial release

Essential oils



Healing Holistic massage or bodywork 


Shamanic Healing

Working with healing voice  


Shamanic balancing voice may include;

Whispered sounds of the body

Ancient sounds of the Charkas

Taoist Sounds

Healing support from a rattle or drum

Reiki Treatment
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